Beerspoke Tours is your destination for beer destinations. Our travel adventures are crafted to bring beer lovers to the best beer cities in the country for experiences you can only get with us. You’ll enjoy:

  • brewer meet & greets

  • acclaimed homebrewer meetups (with samples)

  • customized visits (with samples at each, of course) to each city’s top breweries, both well-established and up-and-coming

  • dinners and beer pairings with local cicerones

  • festivals

  • some of the lesser-experienced pieces of the brewing chain, including malt-houses and yeast-production facilities

  • optional daily tourist excursions

  • and PLENTY of free time to explore on your own, with ample insider recommendations

Meanwhile, at, you'll learn all about the beer culture in the cities and towns you've always wanted to visit, along with a few you'll soon want to visit.

We share all about the breweries, beer bars, beer restaurants, local events and much more, including advice, little-known facts, interviews and even some tidbits that fall just outside the beer lines.

So come aboard, discover the country's best beer scenes, and feel free to leave comments and ask questions along the way. And, when you're ready, take a trip with us and experience everything for yourself!



Eric Blumenfeld, Co-founder and CEO of Beerspoke Tours, has been passionate about craft beer since the early 2000s, having grown and enhanced his knowledge and immersion along with his closest friends, who all wanted nothing more than to leave the watery Macros of college behind. With 15 years of marketing and sales experience, along with an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, he founded Beerspoke Tours to serve an underserved market very close to his heart. His beer geekdom combined with his intense wanderlust has taken him around the US and the world to immerse himself in myriad beer city cultures. He always thought: "If only there was a service that provided first class vacations to these destinations, and offered amazing insider beer experiences I can't get on my own." Well, now there is.

Fred Blumenfeld is Beerspoke Tours' co-founder, as well as the founder and President of Travel Unlimited, which has been operating tours of exceptional quality, both domestic and abroad, since 1973. Fred has served on the Travel Agent Advisory Board for the Sonesta hotel chain and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. He is recognized as a Certified Switzerland Specialist by Switzerland Tourism. Historically more of a wine guy, Fred is finding his beer palate through the exhaustive craft beer drinking "research" he and Eric are forced to undertake in service of the company. That's dedication, people.

All tours are operated by Travel Unlimited. As a member of the National Tour Association and the American Society of Travel Agents, Travel Unlimited has been operating tours of exceptional quality for over 45 years.